Preliminare route 2019

We will use tha same courcs as 2018 as much as possible. There will always be small adjustments for roead constructions but hopfully not som big changes.

Karta2018 1

Banprofil Etapp1


Stage 1
Friday 2 august
249 km

Haparanda - Piteå

0 km - Haparanda
49 km - Kalix
158 km - Boden
249 km - Piteå

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Total climb1 781 m 


The start goes by the beach to Torne Älv, which is also the border with Finland.The start goes by the beach to Torne Älv, which is also the border with Finland.
The first bit goes on smaller roads but then we have to use E4 a bit and a 1 + 2 road. The higway takes us to Kalix where we pass trough the small city center. The route then goes north on the eastern side of Kalixälven. At Morjärv we leave the river and enter the northern forests. It will be about 6 miles with only a few single houses being passed.
The lunch stop is in Boden, but it is only after lunch that we pass the regiment area and then along one of the military training areas. Just before Älvsbyn will be the second shorter foodstop, after that we will turn south and follow Pite Älv south.
The goal will be in Piteå Centrum.

Stage 2
Saturday 3 august
237 km


0 km - Piteå
103 km - Skellefteå
143 km - Bjurträsk
237 km - Umeå

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 Total climb2 168 m 



Quite right after the start we get into the northern country roads that mostly take us through the woods but with a break here and there with small farmlands. Almost out of nowhere lies Skellefteå Drive Center at a closed airport. Immediately after there is a 2.5 km fly strip, there is the possibility of making a speed record if the wind is in the back.
Instead of going through Boliden, we instead take out the coast and pass Skellefteå. The first stop will be in Bjurträsk.
On the way to Umeå, the small villages pass by the name Holmliden, Botsmark (stop nr 2), Mickelsträsk and Flurkmark. Unfortunately, we do not really pass the place Varmvattnet (hot water).




Banprofil Etapp3


Stage 3
Sunday 4 august
326 km

Umeå - Sundsvall

0 km - Umeå
121 km- Örnsköldsvik
253 km - Härnösand
326 km - Sundsvall

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Total climb3 289 m

We start in Umeå and going dont to Nordmaling. The lunch stop will be in Örnsköldsvik and then we hope that the road construction that has been going on for 2 years are ready so we can continue the shortest way to Sidensjö. After Sidensjö it is then the same road as previsous years down towards Ångermanälven.
We follow the eastern beach down to the old Sandö Bridge. Today's second stop is at the western bridge of Sando Bridge. The journey continues on the left side of the Ångerman River down to the High Coast Bridge. From there we take the parallel to the E4 on smaller roads, but the last bit before Härnösand arrives on the E4, and there is also a road construction going on that we dont have status on yet. After 6 km we turn off to re-enter the smaller roads inland.
At Bergeforsen we pass the Indalsälven and after that there will be cycling in the settlement through Timrå and Sundsvall.

Stage 4
monday 5 august
261 km

Sundsvall - Sandviken

0 km - Sundsvall
95 km - Delsbo
177 km - Mohed
229 km - Ockelbo
261 km - Sandviken

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 Total climb2 299 m




Banprofil Etapp4

Most of the climb from Sundsvall is taken before the start of Sidsjö. Pretty soon there is forest on both sides of the road that dominates. On the way we pass Hassela and Delsbo for lunch break. After that we continue down to Ljusnan that we follow on the eastern side.
Instead of turning off at 2017 to Bollnäs and on to Falun, we continue south in Hälsingland. At the edge of the old airfield in Mohed, we make today's second stop. Then it runs towards Ockelbo and Sandviken.



Banprofil Etapp5

Stage 5
Thuseday 6 august
265 km

Sandviken - Vingåker

0 km - Sandviken
105 km - Sala
147 km - Skultuna
191 km - Kvicksund
265 km - Vingåker

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Total climb2 217 m


The start out of Sandviken is spectacular on a narrow country strip and bridge that divides Storsjön in two parts. At the southern end of Storsjön there is also the popular Årsunda Strandbad where we venture into the great forest and down to Österfärnebo and Färnebofjärden National Park. The area has been infamous for being Sweden's worst mosquito area, but in recent years it has been possible to get it down to a normal level, so hopefully we will not notice anything. For those who think it's time for a break, Sala is today's first stop.
After Sala, there will be a small hook west towards Västerfärnebo and just next to the area as a fire in 2014. The area of ​​fire is now a nature reserve, Hälleskogsbrännan. However, there are no astral roads through the area, so we continue to Skultuna and then pass the E18 on a bridge just west of Västerås. Today's second stop will be in Kvicksund right after the bridge across Lake Mälaren. Furthermore, we stay on the edge of the Esklistuna and then continue down to Julita and then only the last bit to Vingåker. 


Stage 6
Wednesday 7 august
278 km

Vingåker - Värnamo

0 km - Vingåker
108 km - Vadstena
203 km - Jönköping
278 km - Värnamo

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  Total climb2 811 m




Banprofil Etapp6

The roads through Sörmland and Östergätland begin with a varied landscape past Tjällmo and down to Borensberg where Göta canal passes. Here the landscape opens up and there is not much forest before we get to the stop just before Vadstena. After Vadstena we connect to the sams raoads used by Vätternrundan down to Huskvarna. There we stop at the same place as previous years, ie opposite the Husqvarna Museum. Then it will be a heavy climb of 150 meters before it turns and ends with mostly easy performances.




Banprofil Etapp7

Stage 7
torsdag 8 augusti
251 km

Värnamo - Ystad

0 km - Värnamo
110 km - Lönsboda
176 km - Åhus
251 km - Ystad

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Total climb1 904 m


The first two miles go parallel to the E4, but immediately in Ljungby we go into the Småland forests. We are looking down to Lönsboda Folkets Park where there will be a last lunch. Continue down through the woods to Bäckaskog Castle where the landscape changes to farmland. In Åhus it will be a stop to gather power for the final challenge in the slopes of Degeberga, where it is time for a climb of 150 m. Then it's only down to Tomelilla and the goal in Ystad.