Team competition

It is only on class where you ride in a ream. The team have 5-10 persons. The team starts together and try to keep together all day, but if somone wants to go slower/faster it is allowed. The time for the team is counted for the third person.
In order for the team to be approved on the stage, 3 riders must complete the stage.

Stage participants

It is possible to register a team to single stages. You participate in the same way with 5-10 riders in the team. You are at the start of the morning and get food at the two stops and have a place for dinner in the evening. The team must also have a own service car.


We will have a maximun time each day, which means that you must be able to ride 27 km / h in average.

Star list

A new start list is produced before every stage out of the results fråm previous stages. The plan is that all teams should arrive at finish at the same time on every stage.


Registration is done here on the webpage.
For information about accomodator, se page for accomodation.


Sverigeloppet - whole week  Latest 31/12 2018 Latest 1/3 2018
Per person in the team 4 500 SEK 4 950 SEK
Service person (1 car with 2 psersons is mandatory for each team)
2 500 SEK 2 950 SEK
Included for all: 7 lunches, 8 dinners    
Sverigeloppet - 1 stage    
Per person in the team 800 SEK 950 SEK
Service person (1 car with 2 psersons is mandatory for each team) 450 SEK 500 SEK

Minimum number of participants

We need at least 80 participants that is registered 1 mach 2019 to be able to organize the race. No fees invices for start fee will be sent before we have reached 80 participants.

Maximum number of participants

We have a maximum number of 150 participants. Whne we have reaced that we will produce a list of reserves.


We don't allow participants younger than 19 years. 


It is recomended that all participants chech their personal insurance. A pecial insurance for participation in ports events can be found at (only in swedish).

Participation is always at your own risk.


Each team must have its own service car. The service car must be staffed with at least two people, one who drive and one who can read the map, communicate with participants and competition management.


All participants and notified service staff receive accreditation, which gives access to dinner every night.


Each team must have at least 2 GPS with map display to take care of the navigation. The team is responsible for it being included and charged as needed.

Each participant receives a GPS without display that reports the position during the competition so that everyone can follow all participants on the internet. The GPS device is also used for timing.

Stage start

Every stage starts close to the hotel with a ceremonial start. The team then goes to the time start in moderate tempo where the timing starts. 

Stage finish

Time stops when entering the town, the team can rest wor a while and the continue to the city center for the ceremonial finish.

Mandatory stops

Stop 1 (20 minutes) is located around half of the distance, lunch is served here.
Stop 2 (10 minutes) is located after abourt 75%, drinks and snacks are served here.

Information meeting 

At the opening ceremony in Haparanda, an information meeting is held where everyone is invited to join.

Other stage information is communicated in writing to the hotel every night, for example:

  • Important news for next stage
  • Start times
  • Special instructions for the cars


Time is taken between time start and time finish.
Tims is recorded in whole minutes.
No time is taken on the Ingen tid tas på transport distances from stage start to time start or from time finish to stage finish.


After each stage ther vill be list in alphabetical order whre the stage time and total time. 


After finishing in Ystad all completed participants will receive a uniquely designed medal.

Trafic rules

Normala trafic rules alwas apply.
The bike should acording to swedish law have breaks and a bell.
Helmet is mandatory to wear.